Trying out Educaplay

Tomorrow I am going to try out Educaplay in the classroom for teaching the Year 2 students how to add one digit numbers to two digit numbers. The students have been rigorously practicing facts to 10 and hopefully this knowledge will see them adding bigger numbers quicker in their heads.

I plan to start the lesson using concrete materials like MAB and following I do, we do and you do approach. So I will model an example on the whiteboard using drawings of MAB. I will then put forward another problem which we will work through together using MAB and then I will ask them to have a go using Educaplay and making it a game.

I am going to highlight a sum on one side and the first student to raise their hand and give the correct answer – including an explanation of how they got the answer will get a point for their team.

I am hoping the competitive spirit I have seen in them, motivates them to use the taught strategies to add quickly. It also will model this style of online activity which can then be used as an individual task using the iPads maybe in future lessons for further practice.


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