Sitting in on moderation today was a fabulous opportunity. I was loving being in a room full of so many teachers and just hearing them talk about their units, tasks and criteria sheets. After moderation, I sat in on an in-house professional development on report card writing. This was equally beneficial. I am grateful to have met some great teachers today, who were more than happy to share their expertise.

The biggest thing I learnt today was that when it comes to assessment, it is all about the criteria you are marking against. There was one task in particular that was to write a procedural text. The students were to write a plan for the text and then write the text itself. The plan for the text was not marked and didn’t count towards their result. This was a bit sad because the student did a wonderful plan but didn’t transfer all this to the actual text and got a D. I think what didn’t sit well in my mind was that this student was obviously capable of the standard but didn’t show this in the text that was marked. It brings me to the point of ‘what is the point of assessment and reporting’, because in truth this student was capable but on the test day she fell short.

The other thing I learnt is how important a criteria sheet is and the breakdown of results. It is very important to be very explicit in what you are judging and not leaving it too subjective. It was also noted that the task set has to allow students to achieve the A and B standards. There was a set task today where it became evident after in depth discussion that it really left no opportunity for the students to advance to this type of level.

A very interesting day to say the least!


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