Teaching Conundrums

I am having difficulty teaching…

Just like Amy  I seem to have a lot of trouble teaching something I know well myself. I guess that is because you don’t really think about it – you just do it. I am having trouble breaking things down into the tiniest of steps on how to do something.

I am also having trouble remembering things I would have learnt a long time ago… like writing cursive, some grammar…like what is an adverb? I was teaching the morphographs able and ness the other day but I had to do my research before the lesson development just to re-teach myself this information. I can do that for every lesson that is not the problem. The problem is when you are ‘on the fly’ in the classroom and you should be recalling this stuff. My Mentor has explained that if it was my own class I would know all the things they had learnt like comprehension strategies etc so I would be able to stand up and refer to these on cue as she does. It just makes me feel incredibly dumb in the mean time!

The other issue I am having is finding conflicting information and then not really knowing which I should be teaching. Like last week I did a lesson on 2D shapes. However, there is conflicting information as to whether a circle has a side or not. So, I told that to the students and explained that some people think one way and some people think another and explained the thinking for both. I then would except either answer. This week it is 3D shapes and the problem with cylinders and cones and how many faces they have. Some say like this dude on YouTube that cylinders only have 2 faces because the rectangle that joins the two faces is curved and therefore is not a face. He thinks faces need to be flat. Others say cylinders have 3 faces. How do you know what to do?



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