Class Control

The year 2 class I am in don’t do a lot of small group work. The class is mostly always together apart from reading groups. I would really like to try some maths rotations and see how it would work as that was in place at my last prac and I thought it was great.

The biggest concern I have is that because the students haven’t been doing any sort of small group rotations they will struggle to adhere to the expected behaviour. I think behaviour is alot to do with practice. Like when teachers are teaching students to line up in two straight lines…they do it over and over and then the students are capable of doing this at the snap of a finger.

I have been reading Amy’s blog and she is looking into apps that may assist with noise levels in the classroom. She also provided a handy tip that was given to her of playing some soft music and if the students can’t hear the music they are being too loud.

I found this app which may assist. I will have to speak to my mentor tomorrow about whether she feels this could be an appropriate tool to use in her classroom.


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