My Bee Bot Lesson

The Bee Bots were a great hit with the students. They loved them. I did not get through my entire lesson… actually I only got through what I thought was going to be an introduction activity. Eeeek! But my Mentor has advised not to worry so much about the time and if it takes another couple of lessons to get through one lesson plan, then so be it!

The task was for them to find out for themselves what a Bee Bot could do. They could brainstorm and write down all their ideas and then when we came back as a group they needed to tell me 3 things they found out that they thought no one else might have. In my lesson plan I had 8 minutes for each person in the pair to have free time with the Bee Bot while the other member of the pair wrote down ideas. The 8 minutes each was not enough.

The students were so excited about using a Bee Bot and so fascinated by what they could do, to stop them exploring in 8 minutes would have just been cruel. So after 8 minutes they traded places and we did this twice, instead of just the once. There were students kissing them, there were students attaching bits of paper to the back and towing with them, there were students seeing if they could ride over pencils and there were students convinced they were voice activated and had secret spy cameras in the eyes. It was exactly what I wanted them to do. They explored, they used their imagination and prior knowledge to really think deeply about what these Bee Bots could do.

When we came back to the mat as a group we discussed the answers and I explained a few very basic functions. For example on student thought the Bee Bot was voice activated but just didn’t like her so that is why it didn’t always do what she said. So, I explained that the Bee Bot followed instructions using the buttons on the top and that if you already put an instruction in and didn’t delete it… you have just added to it, then it will do the first bit all over again before it follows the next command. There were definitely some ‘ah ha’ moments when I explained this.

So, I am looking forward to another lesson next week where I will act as the Bee Bot and they will instruct me around the classroom using commands. I realise for ICT3100 this lesson plan won’t be a good example as it is a Digital Technologies lesson but once the students understand how to use them I will then incorporate the Bee Bots into our Maths and English lessons and use these lesson plans as part of my assignment.


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