No Time To Blog

Well, I had it in my head that I was going to use this blogging space to reflect on my learning each day of Professional Experience. But, seriously…who has the time? It is 11:10pm and I haven’t stopped all day!

On a positive note, I have just finished sequencing a lesson to do with Bee Bots tomorrow which I am super excited about. I got some ideas from this great website. I have tomorrow and then another two lessons next week using Bee Bots. ‘

The students haven’t seen a Bee Bot before or used one. Well, at least not in year 2 as yet. This will be a very exciting activity for them, so I want to make sure I explicitly explain the rules for using them and keep the activities structured so I don’t lose the control and purpose of the lesson.

Once they are comfortable to use the Bee Bot I will venture into some more cross curricula activities with them next week. At the moment my class is learning to write a narrative and we have a fairy tale Bee Bot mat so this may come in handy…definitely got some planning to do on the weekend.


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