Kahoot Hit!

I know I have blogged about Kahoot It already but I just have to highlight it again because I have actually used it now in a class of 24 with only 10 iPads and had a lot of fun with it.

If I have been asked once, I have been asked 100 times in the last couple of days since doing Kahoot It, “Are we going to do Kahoot It again today?” The kids absolutely loved it! I learnt a lot from this lesson in particular because it was the first time I did something a little risky in this Prac. I have sort of been sticking to a PowerPoint type model of lesson where I am using explicit teaching.

However, this lesson was a little more interactive and it really got the kids hooked in. Along with the hook in though came a few – lets not say bad – but behavioural challenges. The noise level in the room was well above acceptable as the students got super excited when they got a question right.

Things I learnt:

NEVER ASSUME: I didn’t give really explicit instructions on how to use the iPad, I honestly thought the kids would pick this part up super easy. I was wrong! I really needed to go through everything in small achievable steps.

KIDS ARE SUPER COMPETITIVE: I wasn’t expecting a boy to burst into tears in the middle of the Kahoot It Quiz which was supposed to be engaging and exciting to them. He was crying because his team wasn’t the top of the leader board. I hadn’t explained that in order to get to the top you not only had to be right but you also had to be the fastest. Again, I didn’t break it down far enough. (This seems to be a re-occurring problem, I need to fix up).

DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE FUN: I was so focused on getting it all set up and actually working that I hadn’t thought much about how I was going to respond to incorrect answers. Was I going to address them immediately? I didn’t really want to upset the flow of the lesson either but my Mentor stepped in when students got them incorrect and explained it. I realise it is better practice to do this as these were teachable moments where misconceptions can be cleared up immediately. I keep hearing my Mentor’s words in my head ‘Its not our job to ensure they have fun or are entertained, it is our job to ensure they learn’. I was looking at the quiz as a bit of fun revision when really I should have taken it as a more serious opportunity for the students to learn.

I have sinced created and used Kahoot It’s for Geography, Science and Math with some great results. Next week we are going to borrow the year 1 iPads and the students will have one iPad each, which I feel will be valuable to ascertain which students are having problems in which areas. It also give students valuable practice in answering different types of questions, which will be expected of them in NAPLAN.



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