Spelling Shambles

Day 2 of Prac and my first opportunity to take the class. It was supposed to be very straight forward and easy. I was taking a spelling lesson whereby I was to follow the lesson plan as outlined with explicit instructions on how to deliver the lesson, following the Spelling Mastery book. So how did I do?

I read from the book like a prescription or recipe and made what looked easy into a shamble. Did I prepare? Yes, I thought I had prepared but I realised it can be sometimes very hard to follow a set script. I found it difficult to keep my place within the instructions and so it didn’t flow. I realised in reflection quite a number of things (so still a very valuable experience) and one of them was I can’t follow instructional writing like that.

My solution? Well, an app of course! I am going to try my next Spelling Mastery lesson using palm cards. Not just any palm cards…because after all this is an ICT subject. I found a palm card app  for my iPhone. I feel like having a prompt on there will be enough to remind me of where I am up to, rather than trying to read the lesson word for word. I think this will take the pressure off to follow it perfectly and allow me to have a more flowing lesson. I will provide feedback on this when I have used it in my next lesson.

Are other preservice educators freezing up when it comes to standing up in front of the class? Love to hear about your experiences and the tricks you use to calm the nerves.



3 thoughts on “Spelling Shambles

  1. Does the class have an IWB? If so you could make a Powerpoint – I find them really handy at keeping me on track, reminding me of key things I need to say, you can scan worksheets to display them, write answers in on the worksheet (if calibrated properly) and they keep the students engaged. You are able to add animations that pop up once you have covered part of a topic. I recommend getting a portable clicker if you use powerpoint though so you don’t have to keep going to the laptop. Hope this idea helps!


      1. I am pretty sure it doesn’t need the program if you are just using it as a PowerPoint – but if you want to use the interactive side of it you will need the program installed. But you could save it to a USB and just plug it in to the teacher’s laptop if they allow it.

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