First Day of Prac

It has been a little while since my last post. I enjoyed the holidays but spent a good amount of time completing an assignment for another subject (very early) so that during my Prac, I could just concentrate on the one subject.

I really enjoyed my first day of Prac today. I managed the family business and managed to arrive at the set time. That was my first challenge. I have to be honest I was extremely nervous because I felt my planning could have been better. I always have the best intentions but it doesn’t always become a reality.

I loved just being in the classroom today and hearing my mentor teach. I really like her style of teaching which is very explicit. I feel very welcomed in the school and was fortunate enough to attend a staff meeting on my first day.

I think the biggest thing that hit me today was that although term 4 is 10 weeks, teachers really only have 6 weeks before they are assessing and reporting. So effectively I am attending for half the term. The pressure teachers must face at this time of the year must be overwhelming at times.

My initial plan is to investigate the webquest I created for my last Maths subject to see if I can utilise it, as one of the maths content descriptors being covered this term is 2D and 3D shapes. We are doing natural resources in science and narratives in English. I am feeling confident and happy with the term plan.

My thoughts were with other students today and hoping everyone was enjoying their placements as well.


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