Technology Funnies

This is purely a lighthearted post for fun. I was lining up at the Post Office today and there was a young man in front of me. I saw him frustratingly picking up the different USB sticks and looking on the back of packets to read labels. The lady behind the counter asked if he needed assistance and he said ‘Do you know if any of these are heat protected?’. The lady behind the counter was very professional and polite and replied ‘No…what do you plan to do with it?’. The young man proceeded to tell a story about how he had kept all his USB sticks in his car and that they had all melted together into one big blob which was now stuck in his car permanently because they were so melted he couldn’t clean them up. It made me laugh because it seemed he was after a ‘superior’ product rather than finding a more appropriate storage place for his USB sticks….the trouble with ICT I guess haha!

This prompted me to look up some other funny tech stories and I found a few good ones here. Enjoy!


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