Professional Experience Network

So, I am not exactly sure where to start with setting up a Professional Experience Network, but the reading of other student’s blogs has definitely been a beneficial exercise for myself. It is comforting to know when your feeling troubled that you are not alone. It has also pointed me to websites and resources I didn’t know existed such as this guide to observation which I think will be useful on Prac. Interestingly, this resource was originally posted by a student I am not currently following on Feedly but was linked by another student I am following in their blog post. So, basically I think this is what networking is and it amazingly connects you to students that you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.

I am not really sure how to go about setting up a network as such. I am thinking maybe of just adding more and more students to follow on Feedly. I would love to hear other student’s ideas on this and would love offers to join other networks students are setting up.


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