Primary Connections

So, today I did a Primary Connections  professional development day, which was interesting. Not something I would have ever previously thought about…but I was sitting and observing their use of ICT (This subject is scarily rubbing off on me haha). There was nothing transforming about it. ICT was only used to watch videos.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day and I learnt heaps. There were some very effective tools I can now take to the classroom. It’s just that, Primary Connections is revolutionising primary science as per this article, so I was a bit disappointed to not see some amazing use of tech or something innovative in the way the PD was carried out. As we all know and it is mentioned by a past student of EDC3100 here, reflection is so very important in education. So, as a result I am going to write on my feedback form at the end of my PD tomorrow some constructive feedback.

We did some pretty cool hands on activities and it really helped make sense of how students would feel during activities. It gave valuable advice on how to manage the class, provide feedback to students and tapped into my prior understandings of science.

I really liked the idea of posing a question and asking students to physically move to either the ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘not sure’ areas.



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