I’ve Got This!

Well, something happened today and I went from being terrified to go on professional experience to feeling similar to Belinda and feeling quietly confident. Why?

Firstly, I attended another professional development day today (more on that later) and am starting to feel a little more competent in my knowledge of teaching. It seems I know things that I now take for granted a little and my lack of confidence is standing in my way of the realisation that ‘I’ve Got This’.

Secondly, I got an email from my Mentor and she seems so welcoming and nice. I am meeting with her next week and she better watch out cause I am about to hit her with a truck load of questions! I am going to attack this Prac head on and be as best prepared as I can be, including starting parts of Assignment 3 now and in the holidays.

Thirdly, I bought some USQ Preservice Educator shirts to wear on Prac. I am going to look good! Haha! I like the theory of ‘fake it, til you make it’. At least now I will feel professional and that will also assist with my confidence. Another plus is, now I don’t have to think about what I am going to wear, I think I would rather expel this energy on creating transformational learning.

I’ve Got This!


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