Why use ICT?

I am ashamed to say I still haven’t completed Assignment 2. I am at a stand still. I have been reading loads of journal articles about ICT and the barriers, ICT and pedagogy and the benefits of using ICT to differentiate learning. However, this stuff just seems very generalised and I remember one of the comments made by David Jones was that you really need specific, relevant references in order to answer why you have used ICT. So, I am feeling a bit lost as to where I can find this type of resource. I have not come up with any learning activities because I don’t want to just put them in without finding research evidence to suggest it is a good idea, otherwise I can imagine my justification essay being very difficult.

Just now I read Deborah’s blog post about a resource she found in relation to how specifically to use Ipads in the classroom. You can find it here. I am hoping this points me in the right direction. There seem to be links to other sites and references… so I will let you know how I go. Feeling the pressure, I have so much to do!


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