Teaching Punctuation and ICT

My assignment 2 curriculum focus is on punctuation. I have been trying to think of novel, engaging, transforming ways to integrate ICT into the learning with a constructivist approach. As my last blog mentioned, I am trying to also find references that support my ICT decision making at the same time. I am thankful for the collaboration resulting from the use of blogging in this course. After hours of research I have just read Belinda’s blog post and been introduced to Kiddle, which is like a google search engine for children. This is set up to ensure children are protected against inappropriate search results. I just thought in my quest for child related resources on punctuation maybe I should give it a try since I am having no luck with google. Immediately, I hit the jackpot with relevant games such as, punctuation practice, and online activities which I’m sure will assist my assignment 2. I am still not getting that research backed information though, so I am going to keep digging. I think I will go check out whats been shared on Diigo too… I honestly keep forgetting about it.


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