Referencing & Reading Log

One of the complaints I hear a lot about from all students I meet and talk to is the frustration with referencing and seemingly inconsistencies when being marked. I know from personal experience there has been some inconsistencies but it hasn’t bothered me all that much in truth. However, after just reading this blog from Rebecca and talking with a student last weekend about the exact same thing I started thinking a bit more outside the box. In my gloriously new ICT driven mind I thought… there has to be an app or something right? Well there are online referencing generators peeps! Yes, you can find one here called RefMe. I think my assignment writing just got a whole lot easier. I hope this helps some other students out there too.

Something else I found throughout my University studies in education is that we tend to need the same research over and over such as Blooms Taxonomy and Vygotsky’s ZPD. So, I have been keeping a reading log. I think it was originally suggested by one of the course examiners for another subject but I can’t remember who or which one (was probably a loooong time ago).  I just started a Word doc and named it ‘Reading Log’. I put the correct APA reference for the source and list the main points in bullet point format. Then when I go to complete another assignment and am looking for references I will search my reading log by hitting Ctrl F and finding key words. This saves heaps of time as I can go and read my bullet points and if I need more I can quickly locate the reading again through the referencing. It feels like it saves heaps of time and no more researching the same stuff all the time. I think this use of ICT actually has transformed my researching and assignment work. Hope it helps others too.


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