Mystery Skype

I have already blogged about Skype Bots here  and was surprised by Skype’s capabilities in this post and its potential benefits. I am now blown away by my recent learning about Mystery Skype and am really keen to possibly see this in action on my placement. I mean WOW! FANTASTIC! I can picture the competitive students trying to ‘win’ the game and guess the mystery Skype location. I can picture students who are usually shy or sit back getting very involved in this type of activity with the ‘protection’ of the screen. What a fabulous way to engage students in real life activity to learn about geography. I am excited now to even take this to my Prep son’s teacher. She has been doing amazing things in her classroom to learn about different countries. The students have been showing their passports, heading through customs and boarding her plane to take off every week to a new destination. My son has been loving his journey’s and can’t wait to come home to tell me all about them. I think his enthusiasm to share his classroom experience with me is a sign of a successful lesson. I think Mystery Skype could be a very good addition to her already exciting classroom adventures and an opportunity to use ICT in a novel, but meaningful way.


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