Happy Dance

I am doing a happy dance right now! Found out my placement for EDC3100 and am so relieved. It is close to home. It is a larger school in my area and guess what… here is the clincher… they have a dedicated ICT teacher!! I am so excited. I feel like this is going to be a great placement. I have not felt this prepared before a placement and feel that might be a sign of a highly successful experience. I feel like the shear presence of an ICT teacher means that the school values ICT in the curriculum and there should be lots of cool new toys to play with. Hopefully this will give me lots to learn and try out and heaps of opportunities to use ICT and really transform some learning. I will be teaching year 2. I am still trying to complete Assignment 2 and am a little upset I did this activity with Prep students in mind now. I am wishing I had done year 2 so I had already discovered some appropriate resources. Not to worry, I have been on the search already and haven’t got past Pinterest for ideas. There are so many… I think that has been the hardest part of this course to date is just shifting and shifting through enormous piles of information and resources available to determine how and when these tools could be used to amplify and transform. I am pretty sure I have already noted this but I have moved on from overwhelm to just shifting and digging… wonder what the next stage will be of this journey… hopefully enlightenment… haha!


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