Getting Distracted

So I have been busy researching ICT resources online to help amplify or transform teaching and learning in my unit plan. The overwhelming number of resources is surprising and not surprising. I realised there may be a great number of resources available, however, I underestimated the sifting process I was going to have to follow. I feel as though I need to hone my skills in effective internet searching. I find myself getting distracted, going off on tangents, pulling myself back and then spending an hour reading something that has no connection to my unit plan but makes me stop and think…interesting! This is why this subject is so time intensive, the constant evaluation of whether what you have found can and should be used and why. Also, finding interesting stuff along the way which may be helpful at a later date… maybe during prac or maybe in another course. There are so many points of view to ponder. I enjoyed reading this blog tonight as it gave me some new great resources to check out but unfortunately nothing relevant to my unit plan. I did, however, after listening to a radio presentation on Tech Chef find some interesting cartoon/comic apps that could be meaningful incorporated into my unit plan. Whilst tonight feels mainly unsuccessful it has laid some research foundations I will be able to pick back up on tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will feel less distracted and more productive.


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