Assignment One Whoops!

So I ended up submitting my Assignment 1 Saturday because I was relatively happy with it, albeit still not confident. Now this morning I have been reading some forum reply posts and see that actually I was meant to also submit the lesson plan in a pdf or word doc format. Whoops! I provided the URL and thought that was enough. Now I have submitted I can’t go back and add a file, so I wrote a comment to the marker apologising. Hope I don’t lose too many marks for this silly mistake, otherwise I will be bringing the class percentage down for Assignment 1 as well. I was interested to read David’s comments and see the percentages past students had received for each assignment in the ‘Welcome to Week 5’ post. This states that students achieved greater in the first assignment rather than Assignments 2 & 3. Hearing percentages like this gets my head in a spin… what if I get a really bad mark for Assignment 1, does that mean I am destined to get worse for the next two? I am feeling Assignment 1 pressure and really I just need to ‘put it to bed’ and focus on Assignment 2. I guess if I am looking at the glass half full then the statistics are on my side for Assignment 1 – fingers crossed!


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