Mission Accomplished!

Wow! I am feeling the same relief that Deb is feeling right now having received copyright permission finally for the lesson plan I wished to use in Assignment 1. I actually went with a Mathletics lesson plan and it took about 3 days to get an emailed reply. I have completed Assignment 1 but haven’t yet submitted…I’m nervous and I still have 3 days to think about it and tweak. It is an odd assignment in that you have to leave some spaces blank. I am finding this agonising. I am not sure I have done enough. I thought Mathletics would make for a good evaluation as it relies on ICT but in actual fact it seems harder because I kept finding myself evaluating the Mathletics program not just the lesson plan I chose. It was difficult too because I don’t have access to see the actual student activities. I am feeling a bit sick about my choice now but my mission is accomplished and I am going to just move forward to designing a really good unit plan to offset any downfalls in Assignment 1. Onwards and Upwards!


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