Skype Bots Really?

Okay so my newest discovery is something called Skype Bots. I am trying to set up Skype on a very old iPad and I stumbled across it. Usually, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the word or been bothered to go and find out what that is exactly. However, as a student of EDC3100 it interested me (what is this course doing to me! haha!) and these are contacts you can add to your contact list to either help you or just entertain you. It is a computer friend or something. I didn’t actually try it out yet but is you want to read about it go here.

At first I thought ‘how ridiculous’ but now I am thinking about the many applications for its use and to not be so narrow minded in my thinking. Going to the professional development day opened my eyes to the possibilities and the many different needs of students I had not considered. I really hadn’t contemplated the magnitude of diversity you may come across as a teacher and how technology even though some tools may initially seem ‘ridiculous’ is only because I haven’t yet come across someone who can’t do things the ‘normal’ way.

Technology can really assist and transform lives when used correctly.


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