A Big Apology Blanket

This copyright thing has got my stomach tied up in knots. I honestly thought as long as you put a nice little reference down beside whatever you used then you were perfectly within your rights to use it. Wow! Was I wrong! It worries me that I am only learning this now… this far into my University degree. I feel I need to spread out a big wide apology blanket to all the people out there for using their stuff without permission.

However, from what I am understanding about copyright, students do have a bit of breathing space if they are using other people’s material for study purposes. I found a handy PDF that is the short guide to copyright from the Australian Government www.shortguidetocopyright.com.au… it is only 25 pages (hate to see the long guide).

I have made it my mission today to understand copyright and find a usable lesson plan for Assignment 1. I wonder if Diigo can help me? I guess I better start by working out a bit more about Diigo. I really enjoyed reading Belinda’s blog post titled “Blogging & Diigo & Feedly Oh My”  and it makes me happy I’m not alone with being a ‘beginner’ using these digital tools.


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