Why or Why Not Use ICT?

As part of the EDC3100 course I was required to concept map this question of whether to use ICT or not use ICT in the classroom (Please see below)

The interesting thing about this activity was when I typed “Why use ICT in the Classroom” into Google a whole host of websites and resources came up. Such as this great website that lists some very powerful reasons to include ICT (most of which I hadn’t even considered yet) http://www.ictineducation.org/home-page/15-reasons-to-use-education-technology-in-your-classroom.  However, when I typed “Why not use ICT in the Classroom” what came up were articles more focused on the reasons preventing it’s use or the focus being on how it should be used as outlined in this website http://edutechdebate.org/ict-in-schools. There was nothing explicitly stating it should not be used. It seems society has accepted and engaged with the idea of teaching and learning using ICT as a normal part of the 21st century.


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