The Haze of ‘Overwhelm’

I have spent the last hour looking at other students blogs and forum posts and believe most students seem to be in what I like to call ‘The Haze of Overwhelm’. It’s the feeling you get at the start of any new challenge I guess. Can I do this? Do I want to do this? I have to do this!

Through the haze of ‘overwhelm’ I feel like there is a twinkle of light that will be forever becoming brighter as we navigate our way through this semester. When I think back to the first time I ever logged on to Uconnect back in 2009 and the feeling I had then – it is the same. I am now a master of this website and can navigate it like an expert and I hope it becomes the same for Feedly, Diigo, The Blog and many others I’m sure.

I was super impressed with the Powtoon that Jenifer created and am feeling very similar.



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