Eating an Elephant

A little bit about me….I am a mother of two beautiful, “spirited”, young boys aged nearly 2 and 5. I am happily married and live in semi-rural surrounds of Ipswich on 40 acres. I work at the local hospital in administration part time and enjoy using ICT to streamline processes in my workplace. I am a self taught Excel user and may even have a slight addiction to the program that spills over to my personal life with my family budget and schedules all detailed in spreadsheets. I have been on this educational journey for some time (I started in Nov 2009) and have watched online study transform to the sophisticated learning environment of today. It seems with every semester I undertake I am required to grapple a new technology in order to satisfy course requirements. I was terrified coming into this course when I realised in ‘week 1’, there was a ‘week 0’ and I was already behind. Eeeeek! I am catching up and starting to realise it is not going to be so bad. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This has become my new mantra.

Please view this YouTube clip:

I think this captures how I feel about my relationship with ICT at the moment and my journey to become an educator. I see it as an obstacle I undertake and conquer in order to achieve a greater goal. Maybe by the end of this semester I will feel differently.


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